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A renowned contemporary dance company, Zagreb Dance Company has since its foundation remained uncompromising in its particular artistic expression. Zagreb Dance Company has educated a number of dancers and dance experts who are now working in Croatia and abroad.

The Company has an enviable continuity of its work, and has performed at all important festivals in Croatia (Music Biennale, Croatian Music Days, Dubrovnik Summer Festival, International Children's Festival, Dance Week Festival, Split Summer Festival, Zadar Summer Festival, Osijek Summer of Culture, Dance and Non-Verbal Theatre Festival San Vincenti, Golden Lion in Umag) and in all big theatre houses (ZeKaEm Theatre, Croatian National Theatre in Osijek, Croatian National Theatre in Split, INK Pula, Croatian National Theatre in Rijeka...).

Abroad, the Company has taken part in important festivals and events in Germany, France, Belgium, Russia, Slovenia, Hungary, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Lithuania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, Poland, Mexico, Egypt, Korea and Israel.

Continually working on professional education of its dancers, through collaboration with the renowned Croatian and foreign choreographers and pedagogues (Kilina Cremona, France; Norio Yoshida, France; Martin Sonderkamp, The Netherlands; Juan Carlos Garcia, Spain; Bebeto Cidra, Brasil; Emilio Gutierrez, Spain; Alexey Taran, Venezuela; Francesco Scavetta, Italy; Alexis Eupierre, Spain; Martine Pisani, France), the Company is constantly improving the level of its productions, introuducing them into a wider European circle. The co-production with Lanonima Imperial from Barcelona has resulted in the project Identifying a Landscape, which was considered one of the ten best cultural programs by the European Council commission in 1996. For the outstanding contribution to the development of Croatian theatre, Zagreb Dance Company has been awarded Croatian Association of Dramatic Artists awards for the best choreography and dancer in 2004, and for the set design and dancer in 2006.

The recent projects are the result of collaboration with renowned theatre and dance centres such as Zagrebacko kazaliste mladih (ZeKaeM Theatre), Cankarjev dom in Ljubljana and En-Knap Ljubljana. The Company is the founder of Dance and Non-Verbal Theatre Festival San Vincenti, one of the two international contemporary dance festivals in Croatia.

Zagreb Dance Company has earned its reputation with the originality of its productions which are characterised by the performative energy and the unique readiness to face the challenges of different artistic approaches and poetics. Besides insisting on cooperation with the established artists from the fields of theatre, visual arts and fashion, the important part of the work of the Company is opening up of the space for a new way of thinking about dance, the space for investigation which puts emphasis not only on the productions themselves, but also on the process of work and education of the dancers.

Recent productions: Tango is a Sad Thought Danced Out (choreography by Ksenija Zec,1995); Identying a Landscape (choreography by J. C. Garcia, 1996); multimedia project Other People's Dreams (group of authors, 1998); Chasing Desire (choreography by Bebeto Cidra, 1999); Cow Licario Holy Oppiano (author Alexey Taran, 2000); 2Three4, coproduction with Bad.Co. (group of authors, 2001); The Rush of the Soul (choreography by Emilio Gutierrez, 2001); M.U.R. (choreography by Ksenija Zec, 2002); This is Not My Cup of Tea... (choreography by Irma Omerzo, 2003); Something, Maybe Personal (choreography by Snježana Abramović, 2003), 5 to 12 (group of authors, 2003); The Same (choreography by Ksenija Zec, 2004); Stories Without Thread, Poem Nr. 1 (choreography by Alexis Eupierre, 2005); Solitaire (choreography by Iztok Kovac, 2006); Stripped (choreography by Snježana Abramović-Milković, 2007), Blink (choreography by Martine Pisani, 2008), UTF-8 (choreography by Sahara Azimjia, 2009).

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